Ford PowerSTROKE Diesel +110 HorsePOWER Tuner Chip

Ford POWERSTROKE 7.3L and 6.0L DIESEL Instant ADJUSTABLE, "ON THE FLY" Horsepower module ...CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE to the more Expensive Models "EDGE EZ TYPE!!" and Tuners/Chips on the market!! One additional benefit of this module is an increase in FUEL EFFICIENCY!! Gains as high as 5-10% better Fuel mileage on average, even greater depending on driving habits!! With most of the installs that I have done, the new found "AWSOME POWER AND TORQUE" that these motors have just waiting to be tapped into, is just too overwhelming in the beginning, and just too much fun dusting "ricers" off the line, but rest assured, as soon as the "fun" sinks in, and the foot gets a little "less weighted", the fuel economy will increase very noticeably! I can't think of any other type of vehicle that we are able to actually increase Horsepower and at the same time add points to MPG ratios!! In as little as 10 Minutes to install and remove if necessary...
This module will produce up to 110 Horsepower and 220 Foot Pounds of Torque...This module allows you to choose 6 different levels of power...From a bit over "stock", to a more economical setting, all the way up to a "Seat of the Pants" SMOKIN' setting...also I utilize a switch to disable the circuits if for any reason you want to go totally back to original settings.
These modules work for all F-SERIES FORD POWERSTROKE DIESEL Trucks, SERVICE/UTILITY TRUCKS, AMBULANCES, TOW TRUCKS, EXCURSION and E-SERIES Vans AND RV'S, RECREATION VEHICLES...F250 F350 F450 F550 E250 E350 E450 E550 T444 INTERNATIONAL...If it has a 7.3L or a new 6.0L powerstroke in it, then this module is guaranteed to work!
The commercially available versions of this "black box" can and do range from $350-$700.00. They all end up with the same results as what this module will do, only without the high price tag!
If you already do have aftermarket chips or programming modifications, this module will work along with your current setup, complimenting it further with no dangerous side effects!

As a precaution, Gauges are always recommended with any modified vehicle just to be on the totally safe side. I have made these available to the public for the past 6 years, and have well over 6,000 satisfied customers, and I look forward to working with you as well!!

Model Year/Engine


AIC Auxiliary Idle Controller *AIC* Module

This is my custom designed Auxiliary Idle Controller or AIC for the Ford 94-03 7.3L Powersroke engine vehicles, it will work in F-250, F350, F-450, F-550, as well as all E series vans E-250, E-350, E-450, and also Excursions with the 7.3L Powerstroke Engine. 
 This module will allow you to customize the vehicle's idle speed during warm up periods, and will drastically reduce the amount of time that is required to bring the engine up to its optimum operating temperature.  It has an enable/disable switch, and also an amber LED to indicate the state of the controller, and there are two separate adjustments to set the desired idle speed, and you may configure the speed for your individual needs! 
 You can't beat this module for those "cold" mornings, and when you hop in, the windows are de-frosted; the engine is up to temp so the exhaust back pressure valve doesn't limit the power and speed when you first drive.  Also this module will eliminate the "wet stacking" that can develop on the cylinder chambers during extended idle times, such as PTO users, and just keeping the AC going in the hot summertime, or the heat in the winter. It will also help to prolong the life of the engine, on short stop and go situations to keep from cycling the glow plugs for every little break during the day, as well as the wear on the engine during starting.
The installation of this unit is very simple, there are only four wires that have to be attached to the throttle pedal assembly and one ground wire to the chassis, and there is absolutely no wiring that has to be cut in fear of voiding any factory warranty, and also removal is a snap once the terminators are in place, so that if you are taking your truck in for service you can simply remove the module and eliminate any suspicion.
 Please feel free to ask me any questions, I am always here ready to help out at any time, and look for more aftermarket performance upgrades for the Ford Powerstroke engines, I have many more tricks waiting to be listed!!

AIC Models


torque Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Lockup Override Module

This is a Custom Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Lockup Override Module...it is built specifically for the 4R100 or E40D Automatic Transmissions in the F250, F350, F450, F550, E250, E350, E450, Excursion, etc. Ford F Series Pickup trucks or E Series vans. This module is used to both indicate the computer locking output to the torque converter as well as manually lock the converter by simply flipping the manual override switch. There are indication lights to monitor both events a green LED for when the computer locks the converter as well as a red LED when the converter has been locked manually. This feature is very helpful for those who do tow very heavy on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances the torque converter is very slow to lock up, usually only when the vehicle has overcome approximately 40 MPH, and after the transmission has warmed up to normal operating temps. Also one major nuisance of the method that the computer controls the torque converter is to "unlock" it on most vehicles as soon as the brake pedal is slightly pressed, which is one of the main reasons that these trucks have had so many brake rotor issues. The engine in these monsters can turn into a very powerful dynamic brake if the converter is allowed to stay locked up during deceleration times, as well as speed recovery time is reduced when there is constant braking and acceleration conditions. Also one side effect of these type of modifications is actually extended clutch life in the automatic transmissions, due to the fact of being able to lock the converter manually, you will be actually cutting down on the normal excessive clutch wear and tear that the transmission goes through until the computer is inclined to lock in the driveline.
I personally have one of these in my truck and it makes a world of difference when I pull heavy loads as well as when driving in very "hilly" areas, with the converter locked, coasting downhill is different in a major way, you are able to only lightly touch the brakes and the engine does most of the "braking" for you, and can give you the extra power to stop quickly if needed especially in a downhill situation, and even worse with a load at your back door! The installation of this module is very simple, detailed installation instructions, photos, as well as all of the required hardware are included in the package and I am always available for any help or questions you may have along the way! I have very strong ethics for quality products and if I offer it to you, you can believe that I cut no corners in producing and selling a product that has true value and at a price that is very modest. I have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of powerstroke customers and friends and you can invest with confidence in anything that I have to offer, period!

Torque Converter Controller/Locker Module

turbotimer Turbo Timer

A good quality Turbo Timer is the best insurance policy against heat related Turbo Failure, for these expensive engines. Switching your engine off after a heavy haul when the exhaust temperature is above normal engine idle temperature can result in turbo bearing damage. With the engine stopped there is no oil flow over the bearings that support the hot turbocharger wheel assembly. This causes the residue oil being burned and the resulting carbon will cause premature turbo failure!

This unit is totally solid state electronics, and has a range of 0-10 full minutes of run time built in, all that is needed is to set the dial to the desired time, and press the arming button. At that point, the engine ingnition can be turned off, keys removed and the doors locked! The engine will run at idle speed for the preset time and then shut down promtly. Also as a precaution for further security, the brake circuit is also tied into it, and if the pedal is pressed, the timer will abort and shut down right away. So no need to worry about someone hoping in and doing any joyriding!

Keyless running option is available and will allow you to remove the keys and keep the engine running, for a nice cool/warm cab when you get ready to go. Great for quick stops, and reduces wear and tear on the engine.

This is a super investment and will prevent a ton of heartache and expense down the road.

I offer a full year warranty on this as well as all of my products, no problem, and buy with total confidence!

This unit is built with the Ford Powerstroke Diesel in mind, but can be adapted to work with basically any engine, just ask and I can try to help you find your correct wiring connections.


urbo timer